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More Lists Planner

$15.17 USD

  • A super fun 80s/90s junk drawer-inspired graphic planned cover design, this planner is perfect for anyone who prefers a non-dated planner or is more of a to-do lister.
    This little book can be used any day of any year.
  • The details- -6x9 inches
  • -Lots of plain planner pages
  • -Undated
  • Includes:
  • -Membership card (1 page)
  • -New year goals (1 page)
  • -Yearly goals planner (1 page)
  • -Goals tracker (4 pages)
  • -10 things i want to do list (6 pages)
  • -Gratitude list (6 pages)
  • -Reasons to be happy (6 pages)
  • -Schedule, priorities, to-do list (34 pages)
  • -Shopping list (4 pages)
  • -72 pages in total
  • -Color printed Perfect for work or back to school, keep yourself organized and tidy while you get stuff done!