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Clever Idiots Inc.

Kitan Club Cat Cap Blind Box - Bear

$11.00 CAD

  • Make your cat the star of Instagram! Whether they’re getting into trouble or sleeping soundly, one thing about cats is certain: they’re cute.
    From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, the internet is filled with evidence of just how adorable they can be. The question remains, can they get even cuter?
  • To provide a secure, reliable fit, each hood features an easy-to-use strap for convenience.
  • The caps are designed for cats with a head circumference of 11-11.5,” but since they’re handmade, sizes may vary slightly.
  • This product is Surprise Blind Box. Whether you’re hunting to treat yourself, blind boxes add an extra layer of fun!
  • Each box contains 1 random item from our series of 5 cat beanies. You can unwrap the mystery and collect them all.