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Head in the Clouds Earring Organizer

$59.00 CAD

Sky-high dreams of getting your life organized? These cloud hangers can help. Organize dresser-top clutter with this miniature hanger rack and purr with satisfaction at how cute and tidy everything looks.

The earring organizer stand is completely acrylic as are the hangers and little bonus mirror.

* Measures 6" tall x 6.5 wide.
* Base is 2.5" deep
* Thick base adds weight so it stays put.
* No assembly needed
* 8 cloud shaped hangers included. Each hanger can fit 3 earrings, hooks and stud varieties (See video on how to use)
* BONUS - Tiny hand-held mirror included.
* Jewelry shown NOT included. Compatible with all earrings!
SO CUTE!!!! 
Made in United States of America