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Signet Sealed

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Coloring Book

$13.00 CAD $21.00 CAD

Bored? Binging Gilmore Girls to ring in fall/winter/beam yourself into Stars Hollow? Want to create something wonderful in the weird world of quarantine and social distancing? I GOT YOU!

Get to coloring ASAP with this 20 page coloring book from Signet Sealed! Celebrate your favorite Gilmores & misc. stars hollow residents, entertain yourself while social distancing, or send a friend a fun gift with this coloring book!

Pages include: Emily & Richard Gilmore, Rory and Lorelei at the all-night danceathon, Luke at the Diner, Suki in the Kitchen, all of Rory's boyfriends, Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving, Luke pushing Jess into the pond, Kirk and his fear of goldfish, Jess, 1000 Yellow Daisies, Hep Alien, "I Smell Snow", "I got kissed- and i shoplifted!", Lorelei and Luke dancing, Michel being annoyed with people, "Oy with the Poodles already", Rory and Coffee, Rory's Graduation, The Stars Hollow Gazebo, and "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" scene.