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1" Chefs Knife Studs

$24.00 CAD

Tiny Chef's Knife earrings are our best seller! If you are looking for a gift for your trendy, best friend, your punk rock boyfriend, or your goth niece, look no further. These knife earrings are the perfect unisex accessory for women and men wanting to add a bit of edge to their ensemble. 
Our Tiny Chef's Knife earrings are cut from two-layer silver tone-black acrylic (plastic) attached to a surgical steel post.  

Model is wearing both the 1" tiny knife earring and the 2" bigger knife earring.

  • Earrings are sold as a pair. (one left, one right)
  • Measures 1" long, about half our regular sized knives
  • Two-toned Silver/Black acrylic
  • Surgical steel posts