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Beginners Guide to kpop Music + Visuals

Posted on July 04 2016

Beginners Guide to kpop Music + Visuals

I may be late to the kpop party but i finally discovered kpop and am officially obsessed. (also discovered korean tv shows, thanks to netflix, but that will be another post)


Even though I have no idea what they are saying, the usually english, and super catchy hook, always gets stuck in my head and gives me pop/r&b music from 2000's vibes while combining it with sweet dance routines, on point fashion styling, a token rapping member and lastly, music video visuals I want to live in. 


Instead of trying to describe it, I narrowed down it down to 5 Music Videos for Beginners below:

 1. Baek A Yeon - "so-so" 

2. EXID - "L.I.E"


Dance Version

3. CLC - "No Oh Oh"

4. ZICO - "I am You, You are Me"

5. Seventeen - "Q&A"


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