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DIY: V-Day Cards

Posted on February 09 2016

DIY: V-Day Cards

Hello friends!


Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! <3


Whether you’re spending it with a significant other or just your BFFs, Valentine’s Day cards are always super fun to give.


Today for #DIYWednesday we’re making 10 easy DIY Valentine’s Day cards! These won’t take you long to make, and they are so much better than giving a store-bought card!


Here are the materials I used for all 10 of my cards. A lot of them don’t require anything more than just paper or cardstock and some felt-tip pens. I also gathered some other supplies including a hot glue gun, ruler, scissors, matches, birthday candles, Kraft paper, patterned tape, and some pieces from an old puzzle.










Card 1: Foodie Valentine



This first one is as simple as drawing a slice of pizza, with a cute pizza-pun at the bottom of the card. Adding a face to the pizza and some hearts all around make it extra adorable. I found it easier to draw with pencil first, using a ruler to make sure my words were straight, and then tracing with pen afterward. Simply erase the pencil lines and that’s it!









Card 2: Puzzle Valentine





For this one you need to dig through your puzzle box and find 2 pieces that actually fit together. Glue these in the middle of your card. My puzzle pieces were a little small, so I decided to make a border around the edge of the card as well, but this is optional. Next, write ‘We Just Fit’ under the 2 connected puzzle pieces, and you’re done! Cheesy, but I love it! ☺







Card 3: Heart Valentine




For this card you’ll need to create a heart stencil out of card stock. Hold your stencil over your card; you can use tape if you want to help keep it in place. Now comes the fun part! Use your pencil to write in phrases like ‘Love’, ‘Be My Valentine’ or ‘Be Mine’.




Remove your stencil, trace over the pencil with black pen, and erase the pencil lines. Lastly, I added some tape for a little extra embellishment.


Card 4: Coffee Lovin’ Valentine




Another super easy valentine coming your way! Similar to the pizza card, all you have to do for this one is draw a cutesy item, except this time it’s a coffee mug. Add some more hearts and a cute pun at the bottom, and you’re finished. And that only took 5 minutes!



Card 5: Veggie Valentine




For this one I thought I’d try printing out a picture instead of drawing one, but you can do it which ever way you would like. I printed out a picture of a beet from Google, cut it out and glued it onto my card. Then I wrote ‘You make my heart skip a beet’.. Again with the cheesy puns, but I can’t help myself!



Card 6: Lit Up Valentine




This Valentine’s Day card uses birthday candles and a hot glue gun. Glue the candles onto your card, use a red pen to create adorable heart-shaped flames, and write ‘You light up my life’ at the bottom. Tip: Apply the glue to the paper and then stick on the candles, instead of gluing the candles directly, as the hot glue will melt the wax, which can make a mess.



Card 7: Match Valentine




This card uses another common household item: matches. Mine came in a box, so I used pink card stock to create a pack of matches instead, as I thought this was much cuter.  To do this, I cut a long rectangle and folded it 3 times as shown, hot gluing some matches in to look like a real pack of matches.



I glued the match pack to the middle of my card, added some words, and this is what I ended up with. Adorable!





Card 8: Periodic Valentine




This one is for the science-enthused among you. It’s as simple as drawing 4 boxes, and filling them in with the periodic table elements spelling out ‘Be Mine’.




Card 9: Cuddle Valentine




This is another drawing card. You could also print a picture of some ice cream instead of drawing it, but you might want to use white paper instead of Kraft paper if you cut and paste. Any way you choose to make it, draw a spoon beside a bowl of ice cream, and caption the card ‘Wanna Spoon?’. Too funny!



Card 10: Hug Valentine




For the final card, I used pink card stock, folded in half to make my card, and a piece of white card stock for the front. Trim the white paper so that it’s slightly shorter than the height of the pink card, and fold it twice like this:




From here, draw a simple stickman in the middle section, stretching out his arms as wide as the white paper will allow. Glue the white paper to the front of the card, adding in some text, and cutting around his arms like this:



There you have it! Ten different DIY Valentine’s Day cards that are sure to impress your special someone. I think it’s nice to hand-make gifts and cards; it really shows how much you care. Leave me a comment below, and if you make any of these fun cards, tag me on Instagram using the hashtags #JustJess and #DIYWednesday.













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