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Posted on January 27 2016


Hi friends!

Today i'll be focusing  our DIY on a really cool tool that I just got. It’s called a wood burner, and it’s used to burn designs into wood (duh!).

The possibilities with this tool are endless, and I’ll be showing you the projects I make with it as time goes on. The first thing I decided to make was a patterned jewellery box.

1.To start, turn on the tool and wait for it to get hot. This thing gets really hot, so be careful and do not touch it to your skin!

2. It is just like a pen; all you do is press down and move it around, essentially burning your drawing into the surface of the wood.

It takes some time to get used to, so I practiced on a scrap piece of wood before moving onto my wooden box. I decided to do a floral design, free-handing some flowers and trying to fill in all the space.

3. I added some leaves, and then continued the pattern onto the sides of the box.

 4. Lastly, I added some polka dots in the background and shading for more detail, and that was all!

And that’s it! Not too bad for my first time! I’ve got all kinds of ideas for this tool, but you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what those are!

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