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Posted on January 20 2016


Looking for something to decorate your walls with? Or want to have some crafty fun? Today starts my series in fun DIY's I will be posting every Wednesday. Let's get started!

For this project all you need is a canvas, painter’s tape, scissors, and spray paint! I used white and gold!



1. Bring the canvas outside and spray paint it. I propped it up on top of a cardboard box to try to minimize the amount of paint that got onto the ground.

I needed 3 thin coats to get the paint to completely cover the canvas.


2. Make up a design with the painter's tape. (Keep in mind that whatever you cover will remain your base color) 

I covered each end of the canvas with tape, making sure to cover the sides of the canvas too. 


Next I measured the middle of the canvas, and put another piece of tape along the middle.


Add 2 more lines of tape down the middle of each of those halves, and this is what we end up with.


I chose to do some chevron stripes next, so I measured 2 inches down each of the strips of tape, and used this as a guide to place my chevron pieces.


Make sure all of the tape edges are well stuck to the canvas, and then get back to spray painting! This time, I used white. As a tip for you, if you do this or any other similar project, buy good spray paint. My white paint was not the best; the amount of coats it took to become opaque caused a little bleeding underneath the painter’s tape. Lesson learned: suck it up and buy the good stuff.  


All that’s left to do is remove the tape, and voila! you’ve got a pretty sweet painting.


If you’d like to see how I made the painting beside the gold one, check out my previous post, I made this one using that exact same method!

As always, leave me a comment below and if you recreate this project, tag me on Instagram!


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