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5 Best Shows your Not Watching

Posted on October 04 2015

Excellent binge worthy shows that I am obsessed with. I won't bother with an attempt at a real "summary" but trust me, you will enjoy these shows

1. You're The Worst : FXX

A comedy about two narcissistic, rude, anti-love people who end up falling for each other. What makes this show great is that it makes you laugh while maintaining a dark, narcissistic look into the typical "romantic comedy"



2. Fresh Off The Boat: ABC

I need everybody to watch this show, one of the most original comedies in YEARS.(and i wont allow it get cancelled) I mean, How rare is it every character in a comedy is hilarious while also showing original un recycled plot lines (Last weeks episode had the family sitting around the dinner table singing Boyz II Men) Based on a true story of Chinese Immigrants living in America during the 90's. It has the perfect combination of 90s refrences and nostalgia, and for any fellow first generation people of colour .. no matter where you are from, you will relate. 

3. Togetherness: HBO

This show caught me by surprise, its not an original plot line, the story of a middle class white couple and their struggles but it quietly won me over. The relationship between two characters, Lynskey and Steve, is the saving grace. It's sad and romantic and awkward and I really hope the second season focuses largely on them.



Based on a couple living with the day to day melancholy of having a child and a job you hate while trying to be achieve "Happiness". This show started off strong for me, it was a different fresh concept I hadn't seen before and It was nice to see a show on people who were openly discussing depression and medication and the rut of the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Sadly it was cancelled after one season so I would give it a watch when you are sick of happy people.


5.BoJack Horseman: Netflix

 This show is rare. I have never seen such a raw, realistic portrayal of depression and the narcissism that comes along with it ... and it's a cartoon about a Horse.. This show is great for three main reasons. 1)Insane cast from Wil Arrnett, Aaron Paul to Lisa Kudrow(not even close to covering all of them- One of the things I enjoyed the most was trying to figure out who the voice over was). 2) It is a hilarious, laugh out loud quick witted show with levels of jokes,so when you rewatch it you are laughing like you had never seen the episode before. 3) It is incredibly sad, I cried during several episodes of the first season and found it difficult to finish the second season. It is easy for some to not realize the dark undertones to this show, but then it's just another cartoon. 

I decided to attach the trailer as well as one of the darker scenes. 



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