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How-To: Make your Costume Jewels Last

Posted on August 05 2015

Costume Jewelry is awesome, it's cheaper, versatile and comes in so many different styles.

The thing we hear the most often is "Yah, but it will only last you a couple of weeks"

This is something that may be true, IF you are not taking proper care of your items. Here is what you need to do to make your pieces last you years. 


Lately, Pinterest has made it popular to showcase your jewelry, exposing them to the moisture in the air everyday. To prolong the life of your jewelry and prevent it from turning or becoming dull. We recommend purchasing clear baggies from the dollar store. You get plenty in a pack and are still able to see what item is inside. 


This is the most common reason that your jewelry does not last. Please, ALWAYS TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELRY BEFORE YOU SHOWER/SWIM OR WASH YOUR HANDS. Once a piece of costume jewelry is exposed directly too water multiple times you will notice it will, tarnish, turn your fingers green, start to irritate your skin. So, just don't do it. 


One of our favorite insider tips and best kept secret is spraying your jewelry with Kyron Crystal Clear Gloss. Now, you don't to use this one any crystals, jewels or any shiny part because it will dull the shine. .This clear gloss acts as a protective coat and we can say, we have done this on rings we've had for years now and, that's right, no green fingers. 


Any other tips we didn't mention? Have any questions? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!



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