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Ask Shawna: Transition your Daytime Look to Evening

Posted on April 04 2015

"How can I transition my daytime work look into a more refined evening look without a lot of hassle"?! 

Ok, so we've all been there before it's early morning and you're standing in front your closet looking at a sea of clothes, knowing after work you're meeting friends for dinner and drinks BUT you're lost as to how you can amp up your work wear into something a little more edgy and fashion forward for an evening of drinks.

Well don't fear, all you need is three accessories (all of which most of us have) to make our work wear look transition flawlessly and effortlessly into an outfit ready for 5pm cocktails with your girlfriends!

  • A sexy pair of pumps or wedges; These beauties are going to elongate your silhouette while bumping up the style factor. Make sure to choose a pair which has color, texture or pattern to really be a step above the rest.
  • Statement Necklace;  Choose a statement necklace in either a bright, highly saturated gem tone or a classic gold and pearl or crystal stunner. This accessory screams fashion and I believe is a symbol of confidence for anyone who chooses to wear one because there's nothing sexier than confidence!
  • Bold Lip;  Whether you love to rock a deep luscious red, trendy burgundy or a highly pigmented nude lip color; always remember to use a lip liner to outline your lip as well as to fill in the entire lip to ensure maximum staying power.
With these three easy and quick accessories changes, you'll be out of the office at 5:05 pm ready for dinner and drinks while looking chic, classy, and sexy while being ready for whatever the night may bring. Peace, Love, and Sparkle Shawna Rae xxo


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