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An Inspiring Welcome

Posted on May 31 2015

 Hello everyone!!

 I'm so excited to get started with this new blog. This first post of mine is a bit of introduction to myself in the art field. I've recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and express my creativity any possible way that I can.

Whether it's drawing, or fashion, or doing collages, it's all fun for me. For myself, I have two distinct folders on my computer that I tend to work with on a daily basis. One specifically for art inspiration and the other for fashion inspiration (yes, they are both considered art but just for easier organization!) Anything that inspires me to create something physically, I'll save it in my art inspo folder, and for fashion, into the fashion inspo folder. I'll even document my own outfits to save!

Below I'm going to share a few excerpts from a few sketchbooks of mine that I've been working on the last few years. Do whatever you can to stay inspired and create! No matter the form, just make something beautiful and worth it, because you, yourself are worth it.

XOXO Court // click here for my instagram!



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