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Miranda Makaroff shows Art can be Cute

Posted on April 24 2016

Miranda Makaroff shows Art can be Cute

Miranda Makaroff is as cute as her art.

Recently Oyster Magazine interviewed the Artist/DJ/Designer/Actor who perfectly embodies her bright and colorful artwork in all aspects of her life. 


Some direct quotes from the interview:

How would you describe your work, aesthetic and the topics you handle?
Artistically talking, I really like the abstract, surrealism and geometry. I love combining colours and forms, and the ones that give me visual pleasure. I think I'm very visual. I'm impulsive and live art in the form of vomit. I'm always saying you have to vomit it, let it out from the unconsciousness. Sometimes you can get surprised by it. Whenever I am drawing, it comes out as orgies and sex or nudity. I don't know if I'm very sexual or I find that even just a penis is pure art! The shape of the breasts is harmony.

Do you think fashion and art go hand and hand?
Yes, in my opinion art is expressed all the time. Each of us live in our own way but the way I dress is to continuously express myself. The way I dress is like I'm painting a picture, everything is linked.

Do you feel any type of pressure caused by social networks?
A lot, but it's decreasing because I've noticed that people [who like my art] are a minority. My art or whatever I do is not for the masses nor do I ever want to do so. I think less is more. The more I am like myself the less likes I get, but at least I'm being honest with myself and more real. It's very typical to upload pictures of you looking pretty, but showing a more interesting side of you, that doesn't really attract people. This is if I generalise; obviously there are thousands of exceptions. I prefer another type of life, and I have other kinds of interests, but sometimes you feel the social pressure to be something you're not and then you're sad. But suddenly, you tell yourself, "I don't want to be like this, I want to be myself and if people don't like it, then so be it."

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